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Minister of Housing from the Parliament : Completion of 698 thousand housing units until March 2024. (Social Housing Program)✍️๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Minister of Housing from the Parliament: Completion of 698 thousand housing units until March 2024. (Social Housing Program)✍️๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

The Minister of National Territorial Preparation, Construction, Housing and City Policy, Fatima Al-Zahraa Al-Mansouri, reported today, Monday, during the oral questions session in the House of Representatives, that 698 thousand residential units have been completed by the limits of March 2024, within the framework of social housing, at a value of 250 thousand dirhams.

The Minister explained, in her response to an oral question about “providing adequate housing for vulnerable groups,” submitted by the Socialist-Federal Opposition Group, that 88,000 units had been completed by the Al-Omran Foundation, at a rate of 13 percent, while 20,143 units were in the process of being completed. Only 300 units are completed and have not yet been delivered.

Regarding low-cost housing worth 140,000 dirhams, the Minister said that 48,000 units have been completed by the Al-Omran Foundation, highlighting that 9,000 units are in the process of being completed and 1,657 completed housing units have not been delivered.

In this context, the Minister considered that “the delay occurring in some units is related to the liquidation of the real estate,” noting that the Ministry, along with the Al-Omran Foundation, mobilized parties at the national and territorial levels to accelerate the real estate liquidation process and create individual real estate fees, in addition to adopting a new commercial strategy via a digital platform.

The government official also pointed out that previous programs that were launched through royal initiatives during the last two decades enabled 4 million and 250 thousand low-income citizens to access adequate housing.

In her answer to another question about “the fate of delayed projects in territorial communities,” submitted by the Independent Unity and Equality Team, the Minister highlighted that since the launch of the city policy in 2015, 300 agreements have been concluded, noting that during the period extending from 2015 to 2021, 190 agreements were concluded. During this governmental mandate, 110 agreements were concluded.

Mrs. Al Mansouri explained that the Ministry has allocated a financial envelope estimated at 14.8 billion dirhams; (9.8 billion dirhams during 2015-2021), 34 percent directed to the rural world, and (5 billion dirhams during 2021-2024), 40 percent directed to the rural world, adding that “a third of the financial obligations and two-thirds of the disbursement of funds were made during this mandate.” “This indicates an increase in the pace of project completion.”

According to the Minister, the completion of the works programmed with 83 agreements was completed during the period between 2015-2024, of which 57 percent concern the rural area, at a total cost exceeding 3.6 billion dirhams, highlighting that the Ministry contributes to them in the amount of 2.3 billion dirhams.

Among what these agreements included, the Minister says, is the rehabilitation of more than 170 under-equipped neighborhoods, the completion and equipping of neighborhood playgrounds and cultural and social facilities, noting that the rest of the agreements (197) have a rate of completion of their programs reaching 50 percent, noting that “20 agreements define... There has been a faltering pace of completion, and this is often due to a delay in completing work related to sanitary disinfection.”


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