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The Journalist Youssef Najib writes... hey journalists... Save “Her Majesty” as she is wallowing in the mud✍️๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

 The Journalist Youssef Najib  writes...  hey journalists... Save “Her Majesty” as she is wallowing in the mud✍️๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

In the absence of a national front to confront violations against journalists, in the absence of a precise law that prevents any intruder or outsider from entering Her Majesty’s profession, and in the absence of a law requiring all journalism practitioners and professionals to study tribally, the winds will, unfortunately, continue to blow in a way that ships do not desire, and defamation campaigns will remain symptoms. People and violating the presumption of innocence stand on their own, and this in and of itself is the key and the bottom line in the journalistic body in Morocco.

The role of the professional journalist who has studied the ABCs, rules and ethics of the principles of journalistic work is to enlighten national and international public opinion with the “truth” and to be impartial in reporting the news with credibility and objectivity, and to establish true democracy, and not to lie and slander and create false rumors that do not enrich or enrich the knowledge of the Moroccan citizen, in order to please the Moroccan citizen. The boss of his boss, this in itself is considered a major internal betrayal of the profession of trouble and submission and humiliation to those who obeyed the orders and dictates of his commander, with the aim of distorting the facts and falsifying the facts.

O community of male and female journalists, unite and unite in one word and cleanse your profession of intruders and intruders. How come, overnight, without training or studying in the field, everyone who carries a camera and microphone in his hand has become a journalist, while the press is far away from him, between the East and the West. There are those who do not There is a difference between a snake and a fish in writing a single piece of news. There are those who do not know the genres of journalism, and there are those who do not even know the basic rule upon which this sector was built. However, he continues to establish and strengthen the familiar proverb: “It has become a profession for those who have no profession.”

Today I am checking the social networking site Facebook. So I see a picture circulating in which the “tumbler” that the Moroccans described as a “foolish” in the past and who is nicknamed “Akshwan Aknwan” appears in his hand, holding in his hand a microphone belonging to a site that you judge by its address, interviewing a Moroccan artist inside an apartment, and this is to the point. It is considered a disgrace on the forehead of everyone who gave the green light to every passer-by to tarnish the honorable profession. Therefore, the council concerned with this sector and its supervisors must intervene urgently and immediately in order to limit and cut off every intruder and intruder into a profession that is considered the first authority in democratic countries, Otherwise, we will consider that this randomness in the journalistic body in Morocco has hidden hands that want to wallow it in the mud, in order to control the reins, and eliminate true, independent journalism that reveals what is hidden and exposes the official with the stroke of a pen.

Written by : Youssef Najib  (writer and journalist)

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