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Investigation.. NajibpressENG digs into one of the fake companies (LST) that defrauded thousands of Moroccans and Arabs of millions of dollars and sheds light for the first time on its deception and intrigues✍️๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Investigation.. NajibpressENG digs into one of the fake companies (LST) that defrauded thousands of Moroccans and Arabs of millions of dollars and sheds light for the first time on its deception and intrigues✍️๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

There are many fake platforms that entered Morocco and defrauded many Moroccans in malicious ways, and in the complete absence of state control, using the policy of intrigue, deception and deception, taking advantage of Morocco’s ban on dealing in digital currencies to defraud them, using Moroccan agents whom it appoints in the middle of the pyramid in order to By brainwashing the Moroccan victims and trapping them in a Ponzi scheme

 The "Ponzi Scheme", which is banned in Morocco and the entire world, is carried out through network marketing or pyramid marketing, with the aim of camouflaging people and misleading them that it is a real company and has papers registered with the British government.

We mention, for example, the fake British company LST, which was able, thanks to some Moroccans it appointed to undertake the task of recruiting partners and promoting the brand, under the guise of renewable energy, by organizing (malicious) charitable parties and initiatives in the orphanage, in restaurants and hotels, as well as distributing posters in The streets in exchange for a monthly salary or daily income given to them by the fictitious platform according to the level of each partner or local agent in each city in Morocco, noting that the company has opened several affiliated branches in many Moroccan cities and the Middle East, such as Egypt and Jordan), and has remained for a year and is... It attracts new victims until it achieves its goal, which is to defraud thousands of Moroccans and Arabs out of millions of dollars.

In this investigation, the NajibpressENG website will shed light for the first time on the deception and intrigues of the fake company, and will reveal to you what is hidden and expose the responsible person to you while exploring the depths of the truth.

the beginning :

The fake platform was launched in March of 2023 and entered Morocco in April and began to attract Moroccans little by little by sending an SMS text message from a random email to Moroccans’ phones, where it created a group consisting of anonymous people impersonating “regional managers affiliated with the British company.” LST, on the WhatsApp application, and shortly after that the group moved to the Telegram application and created several groups run by anonymous people, claiming that they represent a British company present on the ground, and that they have British phone numbers under pseudonyms such as (Ambrose, Beck, Thomas, Karen, Bernie, Enzo, Anna Kozlova, Geoff, Sam. Domenico, Williams, Declan, Carlos...etc.), Under the motive of systematic investment aimed at “quick profit,” they began their journey in the world of fraud and scams from the city of Tetouan, the bride of the north, until they reached several Moroccan cities through network marketing or pyramid marketing.

At the beginning of its fictitious project, the fictitious company commissioned some Moroccans to recruit new partners or victims to join its fraudulent project in public places, cafes, restaurants, etc., by explaining and simplifying how to register on the fictitious platform as well as the profits for each level, noting that the platform contains packages and whenever The new partner bought a certain level that would earn him a daily income, in addition to recruiting them to promote the fake brand affiliated with it, by distributing posters to passers-by in the streets of the city of Tetouan... and camouflaging them that it is a real company under the title: (A job opportunity, all you have to do is work with your phone 5 hours a day and you will have a daily income), as the fake platform convinced them that the electronic devices, which are a mobile power bank, would work on their behalf, and that the fake company would place them in airports, cafes, restaurants, bars, and in public places. In several countries, in addition to advertising income, etc....

After a short period, these people who were assigned this task by the fake company were able to form a team that included many Moroccan partners, where each partner was able to recruit new partners through network marketing, by organizing secret parties funded by the fake company in many cafes and hotels. In various cities of the Kingdom of Morocco, with the aim of explaining and simplifying the method of registering on the fake platform and how to work on it, citing data and papers of a real company located in Britain, where they have been promoting the brand for more than 6 months.

In the year 2023, in the month of September, the “fake” company provided “malicious” food aid to the victims of the Al Haouz earthquake. Its purpose is not charity and donation, but in fact, it is to gain the trust of the Moroccan public and hypnotize it, to facilitate the fraudulent process. This was in October of the same year. The fake company launched the largest party for its devices in the city of Casablanca, and exactly at the Palace of Nights in the city of Bouskoura, where it sent a package of equipment and devices of various levels to camouflage the attendees and deceive them that it is a real company and has a real product, and assigned people to explain the fake platform and how to work on it, as well as attracting a large number From influencers and YouTubers to promote the brand through their pages on various social media sites.

Opening "fake" headquarters

After opening its first headquarters in Jordan, a week after launching the largest ceremony for its fictitious devices, and after recruiting thousands of new partners, the fictitious company was able to obtain a receipt for a permit for an unregulated commercial activity in Morocco under the number: 34199, as well as obtaining a tax number, where the company The illusion opened its first headquarters in the city of Tetouan on October 23, 2023, under the title: (LST Morocco Mobile Sharing Technology), in the presence of hundreds of partners and agents who came from various cities of the Kingdom of Morocco to express their joy at this cunning celebration, as Moroccans were received with “ "Dakka Marrakesh" and held a luxurious dinner party in their honor, distributing gifts.

Immediately after this cunning opening, the fictitious company was able to gain the trust of the public and proceed with the same plan it had drawn up from the beginning, namely (fraud and defraud everyone) under the guise of a mobile power bank, as it began sending many devices and equipment to the Tetouan office and sending pictures and videos from the factory. It continued to finance the parties organized on a daily basis for Moroccan agents in several Moroccan cities, in order to establish the idea of ​​mobile energy among the new victims, while writing a daily report summarizing what each agent did in the city in which they lived and sending it to the Telegram group created by the company. Fake, specifically to carry out these cunning actions with the aim of misleading new victims and trapping them.

In November 2023, the fake company opened its second branch in the city of Nador, and thousands of Moroccan partners and agents from various cities in the Kingdom of Morocco came to this cunning ceremony, where they were received with Marrakesh precision, with an explanation and simplification of the method of registration on the fake platform and how to work on it by the local city agent. The fictitious event, with a dazzling dinner party organized in honor of the attendees.

After Tetouan and Nador, in December 2023, the company opened its third branch in the city of Marrakesh and its second branch in the Middle East in the State of Egypt, amid a large presence of partners and agents of the fictitious company, where they were also received with “Marrakish precision” and electronic advertising plates displayed on a car belonging to it, and at the same time Today, the director of planning in the Middle East at the fictitious LST company came out, according to a video, a copy of which was obtained by NajibPress, and announced that the company will, starting in 2024, develop solar energy generators, electric car charging piles, car batteries, and other projects, Believing that this will be a product full of potential that will not only help promote the development of electric transportation, but will also bring new business opportunities to the company, countries around the world are now calling for energy conservation and environmental protection.


The same spokeswoman added that in celebration of the company's upcoming anniversary in 2024, the company had previously announced that it would invest $600,000 between January 1 and March 27, 2024, to expand the market and promote new energy products, stressing that this investment is strong by the company in the future and a reward for hard work. To its partners, anticipating that this investment will help the company move forward and enhance its influence in the global market, explaining that this investment will be used in building advertisements, office building, celebrity advertisements, television advertisements, charitable donations, benefits for the company’s partners, etc., Confirming that this is the company's plan for the first half of the year. I hope that the partners will help the company in completing these events because as our company continues to promote, the company will be as smooth in 2024 as it was in 2023. (However, the victims of the fake LST company were surprised by these slanders and lies announced by the “fake” director, after... A few months pass.)

Gaining public trust through “malicious” methods

In late December 2023, in order to gain public trust, the company launched the second largest party for its devices after Casablanca in both the cities of Marrakesh at Palm Events and Fez at Benjelloun Palace, and commissioned some of its fictitious local agents to organize and conduct the party, where LST partners and victims were received with “ "Marrakish Dakka", with various songs and acrobatic folklore, where the method of registering on the fake platform was explained and simplified by fake agents sent by the company specifically for this matter, with gifts distributed to the partners in this party, such as two electric cars, a refrigerator, and several home electronic machines, in addition to To jewelry and a dazzling dinner party held by the fictitious company in honor of the attendees.

At the beginning of the year 2024, the fake company decided to start the new year by opening its fourth branch in the city of Agadir, and after a short time it opened its fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth branches in the cities of Tangier, Casablanca, Kenitra and Meknes in the same way in which it opened its previous fake branches, where it appointed people (agents). Fake locals), by conducting the opening party and presenting paragraphs explaining the investment, guaranteed profit, and how to work on the fake platform, with the aim of attracting new victims of its fraudulent pyramid scheme, with a dazzling dinner party. It also rented several other expertise offices and equipped them, and appointed fake local Moroccan agents at their head. In Taroudant, Safi, Rabat, etc.

After gaining the trust of the public and handing them gifts, the fictitious company proceeded to implement its criminal and fraudulent plan by organizing a special party in Casablanca for its (fake) Moroccan agents who recruited many Moroccan victims, offering them “malicious” motivational gifts to each one of them. They told us about the role. Which they played inside the fake company, with the aim of stealing the money of Moroccans and Arabs for more than a full month while continuing to organize other concerts funded by the fake company in Morocco, Jordan and Egypt.

In cafes and restaurants, as well as in orphanages and institutions for people with special needs, and displaying their photos and reports on the Telegram group designated for this, so that the partners do not have any doubt that might cause them to know the malicious intentions that the fictitious company was planning, knowing that there are many bloggers and YouTubers, including the “expert.” In the field of information technology, Amin Raghib and the YouTuber who owns the Khaled Fair channel... have pointed out and alerted Moroccans about this fake platform and recorded several videos warning against dealing and using this fake platform, citing several conclusive evidence, clear proofs, and compelling arguments that actually confirm that it is a fake company and a fraud. percent,, but the Moroccans and Arabs did not care about all these episodes and continued to defend this fictitious company with all their might, Believing that these are “enemies of success” and do not want good for them and that the company is real and will help them improve their social situation in the future, until they were surprised in late February of the year 2024 after the company organized (lottery) competitions and attractive offers and attracted thousands of Moroccans and Arabs by closing and disabling their accounts and stopping operations. Immediate withdrawal, as well as the closure of all fraudulent groups on the Telegram application, the closure of the fake platform and the website of the fake company, and the complete disappearance of all members of the organized criminal gang to an unknown destination.

Among the conditions announced by the (fake) General Attorney Carlos before defrauding thousands of Moroccans and Arabs out of millions of dollars, which are related to the content of the city agent’s work, according to an informed source, are as follows:

1. (City agents have to work in the office 6 hours a day so that partners in the same city can go to the office for help if they have problems.

2. When a large-scale conference is held in the city, the city agent needs to arrange staff to help organize and assist in various charitable, publicity and city promotion events in the city.

3. The city agent needs to choose a capable assistant, and the company will give the assistant a monthly salary of 1500 US dollars, and the assistant must come to the London factory within 3 months to learn how to repair equipment problems, because I found that some equipment has not been repaired for a long time, and some have been solved Problems, and my daily job is to help deal with equipment problems and repairs in this city.

4. There will also be competitive competitions for city agents every month, if the city market expansion and business promotion is at the bottom of the city rankings for two consecutive months, the city agent and deputy city agent will be suspended for evaluation, 5. All partners in this city should also cooperate with the city agent management, if any city agent randomly uses the power to do some bad things, please collect evidence and contact me, I will help you deal with the problem.

Next, I want to talk about the discussion topic of the company bonus event this weekend. First and foremost, the company will return the favor to everyone for their efforts and efforts in recent months. A few partners don't understand this benefit I can understand it for everyone, because most of these people have not been with the company for a long time, but many partners who have been with the company for a long time still trust our company very much, and some competitors use this to tarnish our reputation I would like to share with you Once again a statement: LST will not make changes because anyone slanders LST. Our company has been slandered a lot, but our company is still doing well.

I assure everyone that on Monday there will be no change in our company, we will continue to carry out all operations normally. I hope you remember the rumors and negative information at this time. I think there will be more confusion over us by the end of this month, regardless of whether they continue to distort our image. In 2024, our company (LST) will still be the same, we don't need to defend ourselves against these people, because they haven't provided any evidence for their claim, it's just talk, without any concrete evidence. In December and January, the company was being demonized by our competitors, and we did not react. We will use time to prove this. People who are thinking about cooperating with the company right now may feel scared when they see these skeptics. But don't worry, their opinion will change when they see that our company is still working efficiently.

“I hope that when these slanders without objective evidence appear again, every partner will unite to resist such voices. In this incident, I also saw several partners speaking up for our company, which made me happy. He is the partner I want to see. Let us work together to resist these People who only speak in unrealistic words. Let us create a prosperous future together and join hands with LST to spread to every corner of the world).

This was the last fraudulent plan that the fake LST company relied on before disappearing, in order to attract thousands of victims in Morocco and the Middle East and collect money from the largest number of subscribers in a short time with the help of some people..., and as a result, several complaints were filed in some... Moroccan cities against the “fake” local Moroccan agents, who were receiving wages on a daily basis to carry out their tasks, in order to trust in the project and go along with the ambitions of the founders, especially after the last tempting offer that the company offered them, by reserving 10 Renault Clio 4 cars and delivering them to the city agents. who were selected by the fictitious general agent Carlos of the fictitious LST company, With a monthly salary estimated at $100,000 for each agent and $50,000 for his assistant, noting that the platform deals in the digital currency USDT, which is banned in Morocco. What is even strange is that the fake company was not satisfied with these fake privileges, but also, as previously mentioned, tempted the fake agents to travel to United Kingdom in order to work inside one of its factories with the aim of learning how to fix problems with mobile power devices after they were broken down in Morocco.

'Conflicting' narratives

This issue sparked great controversy and widespread uproar among Moroccan and Arab public opinion, and two different opinions emerged, especially after the fake platform (LST) was closed by the disguised company or “organized criminal gang,” and the money of thousands of Moroccans and Arabs was stolen, amounting to millions of dollars. Many bloggers and influencers posted on their YouTube accounts and held full responsibility to all “fake” local agents, whether owners of fake headquarters or fake agents specializing in recruiting partners in cafes, restaurants, and hotels, as they are the ones who recruited new victims through network marketing or pyramid marketing, They cited papers and documents from a real company located in London, the United Kingdom, and another affiliated company registered in Morocco, specifically in the city of Tetouan, under the name LST Moroccan Mobile Sharing Technology, under commercial registration No. 34199, as well as another document containing the tax number, with the aim of hunting new victims and trapping them.

In a related context, YouTubers wondered, through their personal channels on YouTube, in a strange way, about how some state officials allowed this fake company to provide a permit receipt to practice a commercial activity stamped with the signature of the Tetouan group and obtain the tax number from the Ministry of Finance, in addition to allowing the placement of banners and advertisements on the public street. The fictitious company is in complete absence of monitoring who is behind the establishment of this fictitious company, and researching how to work within it, knowing that the fictitious company deals in digital currencies banned in Morocco!????, as it deals in the USDT currency.

On the one hand, as for the establishment of the company, some Moroccans saw it as just a fictitious Indian company, without any legal basis, as its founder, called Rehan Khan, purchased a “domestication” (25 Oldbroad Street, London, United Kingdom) or domiciliation address located in London, United Kingdom. Through the Internet, and accordingly, he established the company on the British government website under the name Leap Sharing Technology Co.LTD., under the number 14760598, to camouflage and mislead people that it is a real company, affiliated with the fictitious platform LST in which the funds of Moroccan and Arab victims were placed, with the help of fictitious regional agents. Under pseudonyms, Moroccans and Arabs.

Accordingly, in this investigation, the NajibpressENG website obtained a video from the spot confirming what the Moroccans said above, and refuting the claims of the fictitious company, as a Moroccan woman residing in London visited the address mentioned in the commercial registry of the fictitious company, only to be surprised in the end that it was just a fictitious address with no basis in truth.

As for the second story, some Moroccans indicated that the platform was established by Moroccans and they purchased equipment for power devices from a foreign site specialized in manufacturing power batteries of various types (Power Jan), including logos. They also purchased British phone numbers from sites specialized in that. In addition to engineering and studying the fraud and fraud plan well from all aspects, this story did not convince some Moroccans and Arabs and did not respond to their aspirations and opinions about this fictitious company that defrauded thousands of Moroccans and Arabs of millions of dollars in “malicious” ways, as they focused mainly on The first novel.

Advice NajibpressENG

After the hidden Najibpress website was revealed and the official in this investigation was exposed, the reality of the fake platforms that exploit the fragility and poverty of some Moroccan and Arab families, camouflaging them with “incorrect” papers and documents, while luring them with luxurious parties and expensive gifts in order to trap them and set them up with criminal plans, under the motive Systematic investment aimed at quick profit. Najibpress advises all Moroccans and Arabs not to join or engage in any platform in the future that operates with a system of levels and digital currencies, and relies primarily on network marketing or pyramid marketing in its criminal scheme.

It is worth noting that the term pyramid or network marketing refers to an unstable business model that may seem legal at first, but its goal in the end is to collect money from the largest number of subscribers, while the greatest beneficiary is the one at the top of the pyramid. These frauds are also called “Ponzi Scheme” named after its first inventor, the Italian Charles Ponzi.

You can also read this investigation in Arabic language via this link ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡



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