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Exclusively..this is how the atmosphere of the concert in Casablanca passed by Maestro Boudchar, owner of the artistic project “The Choir is You”+pictures✍️👇👇👇

A Moroccan engineer invents his own method, abandoning the world of numbers to embrace the world of music

After several tours abroad, the Middle East, and North Africa, and after several concerts given by Amin Boudchar, nicknamed “The Maestro,” in many Moroccan cities, on Saturday evening, he returned again to the economic capital to meet the Kazawi audience, precisely in the covered hall of the Mohammed V complex.

The concert was a great success and an unparalleled turnout by the Casablanca audience, where the attendees enjoyed the musical band, which consists of musicians playing various musical instruments and in different styles, in addition to their admiration for the maestro’s musical compositions dating back to the beautiful time, as well as the new idea that he invented, the idea of ​​the audience being He is the singer, known in the media as “The Choir is You.”

During this party , the large audience turned into singers, as they began to sing with one voice in harmony with the playing of musical instruments, which prompted Maestro Amin Boudchar to pay attention to the audience at all times.

These concerts are in addition to their previous counterparts, which Boudchar performed in various Moroccan cities, such as Rabat, Agadir, Marrakesh, and Casablanca, in addition to other concerts he performed in Arab and foreign countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, France, Belgium, etc.

It is worth noting that Amine Boudchar, nicknamed “The Maestro,” is a Moroccan engineer who obtained an engineering degree in statistics. He was born and raised in the city of Mohammedia and currently resides in Paris, France. He abandoned the world of numbers to embrace the world of music, creating his own method based on an unprecedented relationship that links him with his audience. He made his audience a singer so that a full band would play for him under his leadership. He is also considered one of the most famous musicians in Morocco, as he graduated from the Conservatory of Music in France. He was remarkably highlighted when he shined and succeeded strongly in redistributing traditional Arab and Moroccan songs in a modern way.

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