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A massive national march on Sunday in Rabat under the slogan: “The Moroccan people are with the Al-Aqsa flood and against normalization.”

 A massive national march on Sunday in Rabat under the slogan: “The Moroccan people are with the Al-Aqsa flood and against normalization.”

The Moroccan Front for Support of Palestine and Anti-Normalization and the National Action Group for Palestine announced to national and international public opinion the organization of a popular national march, on Sunday, October 15, 2023, starting from Bab al-Hadd Square in Rabat at *ten* in the morning, under the slogan “The Moroccan people are with the flood of Al-Aqsa.” And against normalization.”

The Front explained in a statement, a copy of which was received by NajibPressEng today, Thursday, that this march comes within the framework of celebrating the great victory of the Al-Aqsa Flood Battle... and in support of the struggling Palestinian people and their valiant resistance, and a strong condemnation of the barbaric aggression against Gaza, and a strong denunciation of the Zionist war crimes against civilians, which left... Massive destruction of hospitals, schools, residential buildings, mosques and churches, leaving more than 800 martyrs and nearly three thousand wounded, at the hands of the Zionist enemy, who became afflicted with rabies after he did not tolerate the humiliation he was subjected to in the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood. Throughout the decades of the occupation of Palestine, he has been working to displace the Palestinian people, erase their authentic national identity, and attack their religious sanctities, Islamic and Christian, most notably Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is threatened with demolition, Highlighting as it is a strong condemnation of the alignment of the major Western colonial powers, most notably American imperialism, the enemy of the people, alongside the criminal Zionist entity based on substitutionary colonialism and apartheid and supporting it with money and all kinds of weapons.

In a related context, the same source added that this slogan stems from feelings of pride and pride in the courage and unity of the Palestinian resistance and its unprecedented combat and tactical performance in the history of the conflict with the Zionist enemy by transferring it to the occupied Palestinian territories and the number of material and human losses in its ranks of dead, wounded and prisoners, especially among the ranks of soldiers and officers. This slogan embodies the status of the Palestinian issue, which resides in the conscience of our people and whose living forces consider it a national issue.

On the other hand, the Moroccan Front for Support of Palestine and the National Action Group indicated that the march is also an opportunity to raise the voice of our people in order to drop the ill-fated normalization agreement with this enemy, expel the so-called director of the Zionist Liaison Office and all the terrorist gang, and pass a law criminalizing normalization, calling on all political and union components. Human rights organizations, associations, and all citizens, male and female, call for popular mobilization to make this historic milestone a success, while continuing to organize solidarity demonstrations everywhere in support of the resistance and against normalization... *celebrating* the victory of the resistance, in support of the Palestinian people, denouncing the crimes of the Zionist entity, and opposing the tsunami of normalization.

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