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NajibPressEng is a Moroccan website that wants to participate and be independent in the English language. Its slogan is:
"Reliable news and free opinion"
He conveys opinions and anything else, and does not take sides with any party of any kind.
No rush
In reporting the news in order to achieve a scoop, it is inherited for a while
From his credibility,
It highlights the details of interest to Morocco and whether,
It is unique in its news, reports, interviews, reports, theories, and portraits
"Exclusive", and operates under Chapter 28 of the Moroccan Constitution
Respects the elite of the press,
The young journalist is “full of enthusiasm and desire.”
In receipt
General Command of the National Service,
Yes, it is the “NajibPressEng” website, “a new media birth that will enhance
"Journalist's surprise in Morocco."
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