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Lakjaa from Lisbon today: “Morocco, Spain and Portugal announced the official slogan for hosting the 2023 World Cup” “Yalla Vamos 2030″✍️👇👇👇

Lakjaa from Lisbon today: “Morocco, Spain and Portugal announced the official slogan for hosting the 2023 World Cup” “Yalla Vamos 2030″✍️👇👇👇

The President of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, Fawzi Lakjaa, said today, Tuesday in Lisbon, that the main goal of the joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup between Morocco, Spain and Portugal is to organize the best edition of the World Cup in the history of football.

Mr. Lakjaa stressed in his speech during the ceremony of announcing the official logo for the joint bid file between Morocco, Spain and Portugal to host the 2030 World Cup, which carries the phrase “Yalla Vamos 2030,” and the visual identity of the bid file, that “our goal is to create a distinguished event in which “Everything that is sporting, mixed with human and cultural dimensions.”

The President of the Royal Football League explained that this football event “derives its strength not only from its organization in three countries and two continents, but also from its cultural dimension that connects the three countries between the two shores of the Mediterranean, through their history and through the various civilizations that succeeded this region.”

In a related context, the same source indicated that the three countries possess all the logistical and other capabilities to organize the World Cup in the best conditions, stressing that what will most distinguish the organization of this joint football event is the humanitarian dimension that characterizes both shores of the Mediterranean basin.

At the same time, he called for the need to restore the civilizational aspects that characterized this region, and to enable the rising generations and youth in the Mediterranean basin and in various parts of the world to draw lessons from the civilization that this region knew and build foundations that strengthen the human dimensions in the future.

According to Lakjaa, the ambition of the three countries is to strengthen these civilizational, cultural and humanitarian dimensions that they have brought together throughout history and bring them together in the present, indicating that the passion of the youth and peoples of the three countries for this sport in all continental and global occasions increases the importance of the football dimensions and strengthens these civilizational and human relations more strongly. And cultural.

For his part, Mr. Fernando Gomez, President of the Portuguese Football Federation, said that organizing the World Cup in three countries and two continents essentially aspires to make this edition memorable for a long time, adding that the 2030 World Cup will go down in history not only as the best ever, But also as a tournament that set new standards for the future of the game, indicating that this tournament will be remembered by future generations.

He continued by saying, “In a world witnessing rapid and profound change, football cannot lag behind. It must retain its essence, but adapt to change, development and innovation, especially in environmental terms. Therefore, the 2030 World Cup will combine the memory of competition, renewal and innovation in the future. This is the challenge we face.”

For his part, Fernando Sanz, on behalf of the Spanish Football Federation, said that Spain “is spending today hand in hand with two neighboring countries with whom we want to organize a multi-generational World Cup, because we aspire to anticipate the future with a unique World Cup.”

He explained that the 2030 World Cup competitions, which will be held in modern and unique stadiums in the three countries, will provide the best conditions for the participating teams and also for the public, which is always looking for excellence.

“The teams and fans will live a unique experience in Morocco, Portugal and Spain,” Sanz continued. “Our culture, hospitality, modern infrastructure and innovative organizational forms will make the 2030 World Cup a milestone in the organization of sporting events.”

The ceremony to announce the official logo for the joint bid between Morocco, Spain and Portugal to host the 2030 World Cup, which bears the phrase “Yalla Vamos 2030”, was also marked by the presentation of the pillars and verbal slogan for the tripartite bid, along with the website, the official video and social media pages.

It is noteworthy that at the end of last October, a letter of intent was signed at the Mohammed VI Football Center in Sale, which falls within the framework of the tripartite nomination of Morocco-Spain-Portugal to organize the 2030 FIFA World Cup finals.

On October 4, the International Football Association Board decided to unanimously approve the bid of Morocco, Spain and Portugal as the sole candidacy to organize the 2030 World Cup.


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