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Providing the first batch of direct social support to families in vulnerable situations in various regions of the Kingdom✍️๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Providing the first batch of direct social support to families in vulnerable situations in various regions of the Kingdom✍️๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

The process of providing the first batch of direct social support to families in vulnerable situations, which began last December 28, continues with great momentum in various regions of the Kingdom, and concerns about one million families (3.5 million Moroccans), meeting the threshold condition in the unified social registry. 

The direct social support program comes in implementation of the Royal Instructions aimed at installing a strong system that provides social protection for broad categories of citizens. Lacoste RU

This process is witnessing a remarkable demand from the families concerned in the various prefectures and regions, thanks to the technical, administrative and logistical measures and procedures taken at the central and local levels, in which the various sectors involved in implementing this royal project are involved as one of the pillars of the social state.

Within the framework of disbursing the first installment of direct social support, a number of male and female citizens received a text message stating that they had benefited from the value of the support allocated to them, with the aim of protecting against the risks associated with childhood or those associated with old age, as well as supporting purchasing power.

The testimonies of citizens benefiting from this royal initiative emphasized its importance and its profound impact on their souls due to the interest, care, and support it reflects in their daily living, highly appreciating the “smooth and well-organized” circumstances surrounding the process of providing support.

Social Catfish In order for this program to achieve its intended objectives, the public authorities worked to interact with all the concerns expressed by a number of citizens. In this regard, Abdelmadjid Chouq, head of the Social Protection Department of the Benmsik District Prefecture in Casablanca, confirmed that work is being done to keep pace with citizens who wish to benefit from the program. Support is up to date, highlighting that this support is a self-income for families that aims to help them improve their living situation.

The direct social support system, which is an embodiment of the high royal directives contained in the high speech delivered by King Mohammed VI before Parliament on the occasion of the opening of the first session of the third legislative year of the eleventh legislative term, is a national program aimed at improving the living situation of families with children of the age of Schooling students or those in a vulnerable situation, who do not currently benefit from any family compensation in accordance with the legislative and regulatory texts in force, with the aim of supporting their purchasing power.

This program targets millions of families who do not currently benefit from any family compensation, especially those who have children under the age of twenty-one, or those who do not have children, or who have children over this age and who are in a vulnerable situation.

The program, whose implementation will require filling an annual budget that will move from 25 billion dirhams in 2024 to 29 billion in 2026, will contribute, in particular, to downloading “dignity income for the elderly,” “family compensation for all families,” as well as “lifelong support for people in poor situations.” disability".

To determine which families are eligible to benefit from this program, reliance will be placed on the unified social registry. It is a targeting mechanism that enables the assessment of the standard of living of families instead of relying on family income. The provision of monthly support remains primarily linked to registration in the unified social registry, which enables poor and vulnerable families to be effectively identified throughout the Kingdom, whether at the level of urban, rural, or mountainous areas.

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